TransitionSpot Partners with Tech-Now

tech-now is proud to feature fellow Oklahoma company Tech-Now Inc. on the blog this week.

Tech-Now is a community-based enrichment program designed to provide technology skills training to high school and middle school students, help prepare them for post-secondary education/ employment, and connect them with state and federal agencies that provide necessary support services.  The mission of the Tech-Now program is to empower students to make positive career choices that will allow them to lead productive and prosperous lives.

Founded in 1999, Tech-Now has served thousands students.Tech-Now’s curriculum was developed with input from business, education, and state agency professionals to target specific skills that would assist students in pursuing additional education and gainful employment.  It is aligned to national technology standards and is offered for class credit towards graduation. 

The Tech-Now student projects include: desktop publishing, computer animations, and product development. In addition to gaining valuable technology skills, students also show improvement in team work, leadership abilities, self-esteem, and conflict resolution. Over a ten year period ninety-six percent (96%) of students who participated one or more years in Tech-Now went on to graduate from high school.

You can see more information at, or check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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